Celebrity Criminal Defense Lawyer - Tom Mesereau

with Tom Mesereau, Criminal Defense Attorney
790 KABC, October 8, 2016

Thomas A. Mesereau is a trial lawyer who achieves remarkable success in high stakes criminal and Medical Board trials. Mesereau is dedicated to obtaining the best results for his clients. Whether it's a complex white-collar case in federal court, a homicide case in state court, or a physician facing loss of a medical license in administrative court, the client comes first. Trials are high stakes encounters. Mesereau takes risks. Mesereau likes impossible odds. His results speak for themselves.

Attorney Tom Mesereau is an unconventional, unpredictable trial lawyer.  His accomplishments in the courtroom are extraordinary and unprecedented.  He wins white-collar and non-white-collar trials in federal and state courts.  For information on Mr. Mesereau's unconventional trial tactics, read the following articles by Mr. Mesereau:  "Random Thoughts on Trial Practice” American Journal of Trial Advocacy 31:1 (Summer 2007): 115-135; “Lights, Camera, Objection!”  The American Trial Lawyer Fall 2008; and “Defender Legendary for Second Sight, Sixth Sense” Los Angeles Daily Journal, December 5, 2006.

Mr. Mesereau is best known for acquitting the late Michael Jackson in his world famous trial in Santa Barbara, California.  Mr. Jackson was acquitted of all 14 charges in a child molestation indictment.  Mr. Mesereau, as Mr. Jackson's lead trial counsel, conducted jury selection, opening statement, closing argument, and examined and cross-examined every major witness in the five and half month trial.  But Mr. Mesereau has accomplished far more than the Michael Jackson case.

Tom Mesereau founded and co-manages the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic in Los Angeles. Lawyers, law students, college students and concerned citizens come together twice a month to assist the poor. A scholarship for homeless children has been named after Mr. Mesereau. Each year, Mr. Mesereau marches with the Woman of Watts and their children against gang violence.