Free Legal Advice and Malibu High School Chemical Exposures & its Relationship to the Erin Brokovich Case

with Howard Miller and Tom Girardi , Attorneys, Cindy Crawford, Entrepreneur, and Jennifer DeNicola, Activist
790 KABC, August 23, 2014

Yes, we finally offered free legal advice that you’ve been waiting for. But, remember, you get what you pay for! Alan Gurvey offered advised to callers regarding ANY legal issue they were dealing with, or someone they knew was dealing with. You can take the advice that he gives to the bank, although it may not be any better than Kerri Kasem’s non-lawyer opinions.

We will also be talking about Cindy Crawford taking her children out of Malibu High School for fear of chemical exposure at the school. Howard Miller, one of the most decorated attorneys in the state, who practices with the firm of Girardi & Keese will join us to give some real legal advice, including talking about Girardi & Keese’s Erin Brockovich case, and its relationship to the Malibu High School situation. Call (800) 222-5222. Listen at 790 KABC in LA and at everywhere else.