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Fathers' Day Special: "Robin" and Lifetime Movie "Killer SIngle Dad"

790 KABC, June 16, 2018

Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem celebrate #FathersDay with two special guests. New York Times writer Dave Itzkoff joins Gurvey's Law to discuss his new book "Robin," a critically acclaimed biography about Robin Williams, one of the most talented and complex actors/comedians of our time. A father of three, Robin’s incredible list of movies include Father’s Day and World’s Greatest Dad! Then, #HartofDixie actress Kaitlyn Black dishes on her new TV movie "Killer Single Dad," which premieres on Lifetime on July 1. Tune in Saturdays for Gurvey's Law  on KABC-AM 790 Talk Radio and streaming live at!

Is the Gig Economy Doomed? And Should the Census request your Citizenship Status?

790 KABC, June 9, 2018

 Is the "gig economy" doomed? What will Uber, Lyft and all of the other California companies that take advantage of independent contractors do now? On April 30th, an historic game changing decision by the California Supreme Court created a new definition for employee, one that will force a lot of companies to re-think their business plans, and will potentially give a lot of workers employment benefits such as minimum wage, workers' compensation and other employee-related perks. One of the attorneys who argued on behalf of union workers in favor of employee status, Michael Rubin of Altshuler Berzon, explains the ramifications of the Dynamex Operations West v. Superior Court landmark decision. And, later in the show, should the question of whether you're a U.S. citizen be included in the upcoming 2020 Census? University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Margo Anderson explains why the government inquiry is more complicated and political than it might seem. Tune...

All Time Low: February 2018 CA State Bar Pass Rate - 27%

790 KABC, June 2, 2018

Just 27.3% of the state’s would-be lawyers passed the February 2018 bar exam. It’s an all-time low pass rate based on records dating back to 1951! What is the reason for the dismal scores? Or, does California’s bar exam need reform? Mary Basick, who is the Assistant Dean of Bar Preparation at Southwestern Law School, and bar exam and BARBRI instructor Alex Shekarchian. Join us for Gurvey's Law on Saturdays at 2 pm! Listen live at KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio or livestream the broadcast at!

Supreme Court Strikes Gaming Act & "211" starring Nicholas Cage

790 KABC, May 26, 2018

The Supreme Court struck down the gaming act that historically banned legal sports betting outside Nevada. Now, all bets are off! What are the odds that this will dramatically change sports gambling as we know it? What's the over and under that it creates more addicts and crime? Or, will this prove to be a jackpot for business and individuals alike? Casey Clark, of the American Gaming Association (AGA), joins Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem to talk about the historic decision. And, if you’re looking to see an action-packed movie, how about “211” with Nicolas Cage? Alan will tell his personal story of how he narrowly missed, by a mere 15 minutes, being present at the 1997 North Hollywood bank heist, the true story that provides the backdrop of "211". Alan and Kerri will also try to track down one of the film’s elusive co-stars, Aaron Cohen, who is also a counter terrorism expert. Don’t miss the most riveting hour of talk radio on Saturdays f...