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Facebook's Privacy Makeover and "Choosing the StrongPath" by Fred Barlit

790 KABC, April 21, 2018

Facebook’s reputation plummeted after reports revealed that data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica used the social media platform to gain access to the personal data of more than 87 million users. This week, Facebook announced a privacy makeover. Roslyn Layton, a visiting scholar for the American Enterprise Institute, has the latest on the controversy. And Fred Bartlit, an accomplished attorney who was former President Barack Obama’s chief counsel, talks to Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem about his new book,"Choosing the StrongPath," a guide to living a healthier life. Don't miss Gurvey's Law on Saturdays at 2 p.m. PST on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and!

Congressman Brad Sherman and Author Areva Martin, "Make it Rain!"

790 KABC, April 14, 2018

It’s been a busy week for Congressman Brad Sherman, having spent time on the hot seat with both Tucker Carlson Tonight and Chris Wallace... well, the seat doesn't cool off as he joins Alan and Kerri to talk China, North Korea, the Census, tax law, cryptocurrencies, his combs, Donald J. Trump and more! Then, civil rights attorney, women's and children's rights advocate and legal analyst, Areva Martin, talks to Alan and Kerri about her new book "Make it Rain!", which is an acclaimed look at how to use media to revolutionize and build your brand. Don't miss Gurvey's Law on Saturdays, at 2 p.m. on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and!

Lawyers with Interesting Pasts: Shon Hopwood and Troy Slaten

790 KABC, April 7, 2018

Who says lawyers aren't interesting? Once in a while, Gurvey's Law unpeels the onion right down to lawyers’ briefs to learn what makes them tick and how they got to where they are today. On April 7th at 2 p.m., Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem get to know two fascinating lawyers. Shon Hopwood is a professor at the prestigious Georgetown Law School, but 20 years ago, he was a bank robber! Now an author and an activist, Shon will share his story of redemption and commitment to the law. And, if you were a fan of the television series, #ParkerLewisCantLose you won't want to miss Alan and Kerri's interview with actor turned criminal defense attorney, Troy Slaten, who played "Jerry Steiner" on the hit '90s TV show. Tune in Saturdays to KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and! Follow Gurvey’s Law on Twitter @gurveyslaw, Facebook at  and at

Big Box Age Discrimination for Gun Sales? and "The China Hustle"

790 KABC, March 31, 2018

Is it legal for a gun seller to refuse to sell a gun to a 20 year-old or does that violate anti-discrimination laws if the state permits gun sales to those under 21? Alan Gurvey interviews attorney Max Whittington, who represents Tyler Watson, a 20 year-old man who is suing DICK'S Sporting Goods and Walmart after they refused to sell him a rifle. And, as a trade war between the U.S. and China heats up, our second guest tells us about a shocking situation that you probably don’t know about. Have investment companies and brokers been ripping off the public by using sham Chinese companies in the stock market? Alan will talk to Dan David, co-founder of GeoInvesting, LLC and the star of the new documentary “The China Hustle,” an entertaining new film that takes a close look at what is really going on behind the scenes with investments in the US, utilizing Chinese “business”. Don't miss Gurvey’s Law Saturdays from 2-3 pm at&nb...