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with Milana Vayntrub, Actress and Filmaker & Lexi Shereshewsky, Founder of The Syria Founder
790 KABC, October 15, 2016

#CantDoNothing, hosted at and on social media outlets at @CDNGeneration, focuses on helping refugees by having its supporters use their voice in posting on social media, their time in volunteering, or their money in donating to select organizations working directly with refugees. The organization concentrates on the real positive impact participants can have in helping refugees immediately.

“It is important for us to emphasize not just the problem, but all the things we can do to end it,” says founder Milana Vayntrub. “We hope everyone will post about #CantDoNothing on their social media, and challenge three friends to participate by tagging them. I really believe we all have to power to be influencers, to use our voice and create a ripple effect of Good.”