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Recent Podcasts

The Law & Fashion featuring Douglas Hand and Ella McHugh

790 KABC, June 23, 2019

Who said lawyers have no  style? This weekend, Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem welcome two attorneys at the intersection of fashion and law. Douglas Hand is one of the pre-eminent fashion lawyers in the country. A partner at Hand Baldachin & Associates in New York City, Douglas is also the author of the how to dress guide for lawyers, "The Laws of Style: Sartorial Excellence for the Professional Gentleman." Later, celebrity handbag designer and former lawyer, Ella McHugh, will unveil her newest summer collection, as well as what inspired her to transition from contract law to fashion. It’s all on Gurvey’s Law’s fashion episode.  Listen in every Sunday at 5 p.m. PST on KABC Talkradio and streaming live on! #fashionbags #fashiondesigner #author #attorney #interview #radio#talkradio #lawyer  

Wildes & Weinberg: Immigration Law for John Lennon & Melania Trump and Family

790 KABC, June 16, 2019

In this special episode, Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem celebrate Father’s Day with three generations of the Wildes, a family rich in character and brilliant in law. Celebrity immigration attorney and the mayor of Englewood, New Jersey, Michael Wildes, shares the mic with his father the legendary Leon Wildes, who represented John Lennon in one of the most famous precedential immigration cases in U.S. history. Amy Wildes, Michael's wife and also an immigration attorney extraordinaire with Wildes & Weinberg Immigration Law Offices, will join in the banter, as will Michael and Amy’s children, Raquel and Josh, who both just graduated from their parents' and grandfather's alma mater, the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, where Sir Paul McCartney gave Leon Wildes a shout out during his graduation address. Together the family will talk about their commitment to giving back in the community, why they became lawyers, and how the elders inspired the child...

Star Realtor Tracy Tutor of "Millionaire Dollar Listing Los Angeles" and Baseball Aficionado Judge Guilford

790 KABC, June 9, 2019

U.S. District Judge and baseball aficionado the Honorable Andrew Guilford takes batting practice with hosts Alan Gurvey and Kerry Kasem as they debate the intersection of baseball and the law and other things that make you take pause.  And, then, Gurvey's Law welcomes to the show Tracy Tutor, one of the engaging high profile realtors on the smash Bravo hit, "Millionaire Dollar Listing Los Angeles.”  While Tracy's popularity has skyrocketed as the first female featured on the show, she will provide a behind the scenes look at expensive real estate deals both on and off TV.  Don’t miss the banter on Gurvey's Law on Sundays at KABC Talkradio and streaming live at!

Aviva Kempner : "The Spy at Home Plate" and LATLC's Casino Night

790 KABC, June 2, 2019

  Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem interview Aviva Kempner, the award-winning filmmaker behind “The Spy at Home Plate.” The documentary tells the real story of Moe Berg, a major league baseball player turned spy. And later, members of the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities drop by to discuss their upcoming Casino Night benefit, and all of the great charitable work the organization does. Don’t miss us on Sundays  5 p.m. PST on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and streaming live on! #whattowatch #ww2 #charity